Black Velvet on Black Silk Chiffon Willows Pattern Kimono

$ 220.00

• One-of-a-kind:
The fabric is sheer silk chiffon dyed black, with the all-over velvet pattern I hand-painted in an array of blacks and grays. The result is an aurora borealis of shimmering muted tones.

One size fits most:
Once the fabric is made, it is sewn together into this simple kimono shawl style. The rolled edge hem measures 33" (84cm) long. The boxy silhouette is 68" (174cm) circumference fitting and draping nicely on many body shapes.

It can be worn with jeans or with a dress.

• Washable:
This kimono was pre-washed as part of the dying and hand-painting process. A cold, gentle cycle followed by a hot dryer will add to its softness.

• 100% silk chiffon backing with 100% rayon velvet pile.
All natural materials make it luxuriously soft.

If you don't love your item, I encourage you to return it or exchange it for a different style or another color within a wide palette. My goal is for all to wear it frequently and enjoy it, as I enjoyed making it.

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