I create wearable art that expresses a woman’s uniqueness and elevates it to elegance with luxurious, shimmering, Devoré (burnout) velvet.

The scarves and wraps can be worn with jeans or with a dress for a special occasion. Each piece is hand dyed and is one-of-a-kind.  The silk in the velvet fabric brings comfort with its softness. The patterns and motifs are inspired by beauty found in nature. The vibrant colors evoke positive moods. 

I love layering brush strokes of color on to a flat white surface. I focused on painting as a student at Rhode Island School of Design and found my true love. 

My passion for accessories comes from the jewelry and scarves I would find in markets in Israel when visiting my extended family. I would bring some back to Boston and choose a piece that matches my T-shirt to proudly wear to high school.

As a young artist just out of school, I moved to San Francisco and found making and selling crafts at Bay Area street fairs to be a very fun way to earn money to pay rent. 

With lovingly made, colorful accessories, I can add a small amount of positive energy to a world that can be dark. And a sense of peace can be felt in patterns found in the untouched natural world.

I explain more about the process and how its made here.


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