Mostly Black Velvet Scarf Wrap

$ 120.00

• One-of-a-kind:
. The pattern is mostly hand dyed black but has subtle shimmers of color. The fabric is sheer black silk chiffon burnout which contrasts with the texture of lustrous silk velvetDevoré velvet means devoured velvet in French because it is made from solid velvet that had some fabric removed to reveal a pattern.

• Washable:
This scarf was pre-washed as part of the dying and hand-painting process. A cold, gentle cycle wash followed by a hot dryer will make it softer. It may be ironed on the reverse side. The dye is made permanent with a fixative and all excess color has been washed out.

•Measures 20"'x70":
The sewn hems are rolled-edges.

•The fabric is silk chiffon backing and rayon velvet pile.
All natural materials make it luxuriously soft.
If you don't love your item, I encourage you to return it or exchange it for a different style or another color within a wide palette. My goal is for all to wear it frequently and enjoy it, as I enjoyed making it.

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