Velvet Scarf/Shawl Hand-Painted with Willows Pattern in Teal and Aquamarine

$ 120.00


• One-of-a-kind:
The fabric is sheer silk chiffon backing, dyed a blue-green tone with an all over velvet pattern hand-painted with more dyes in a watercolor style.

• Washable:
This scarf was pre-washed as part of the dying and hand-painting process. A cold, gentle machine cycle followed by a hot dryer cycle will add to its softness. It may be ironed on the reverse side.

•Measures 21"'x70":
The sewn hems are rolled-edges.

•The fabric is 50% silk backing and 50% rayon pile.
All natural materials make it luxuriously soft.


If you don't love your item, I encourage you to return it or exchange it for a different style or another color within a wide palette. My goal is for all to wear it frequently and enjoy it, as I enjoyed making it.

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